Cheap food within Logan Airport range?
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What would be a good place to get a relatively inexpensive dinner within reasonable subway/silverline range of Logan Airport in Boston?

We're picking up a visitor from Belgium this evening and would like a suggestion for a good but reasonably priced (definitely under $20 entrees, if really cheap but really good, great!) dinner that won't take too long to hop on the T at Logan and get back to drive home. Open to all cuisines.
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The aquarium MBTA stop is a couple of stops from Logan (no train change needed), and is a couple of blocks from Boston's North End, which has many tasty places. The couple of places I used to go have closed in the decade or more since I went there last, but there's still a bunch of places on Hanover street.

If you were going by car, I'd suggest Santarpio's Pizza, which is sort of midway between the airport MBTA station and Maverick Square.
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I assume you're discounting the restaurants inside of Logan because you're worried they will be too expensive? I think if this were me, I'd opt to take the Silverline to South Station and then hoof it into Chinatown and eat at one of the places there. I haven't gone to any specifically, but Yelp should be helpful. I've heard good things about Lucky's which is #1 on the list.

That said, the Silver line is slow and pokey [esp if you get on early-ish at Logan and have to bumbada bumbada through the parking garages] and if I had just flown in from Belgium and had to bus it out to get a cheap meal and then back to grab the car, I might be wondering why I was going through all the trouble. If you have a car at the airport, is it possible to drive someplace else to eat [someplace with decent parking] that is on the way home and then save money on parking and find a place that is a little more outside of the city for a more leisurely meal?
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The Harbor Express water taxi takes about 10 minutes between Logan and Long Wharf. Walk to the North End, eat (Pomodoro, Panza, Ida's?), return. Please tell me you're at least leaving your bags in the car.
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Response by poster: You make an excellent point jessamyn, we're driving to Easthampton, so a stop in Natick/Framingham or such on the way home is probably a better plan. And yes we discounted the in-Logan ones because they were either expensive, uninspiring, or post-security gates in many cases.
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South Street Diner.
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Sorriso is about 5 minutes walk from South Station. In the other direction of South Station (across the bridge) s Channel Cafe.
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A vote for Border Cafe. The ones in Saugus and Burlington are small detours if you're driving, and there's one across the street from Harvard if you go back to the T idea. A little low on convenience of route, but high on deliciousness and under-$20ness.
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I'd head up to Revere Beach and get an awesome lobster roll at Kelly's Roast Beef (410 Revere Beach Blvd). Walk across the street and eat it at one of the pavilions on the beach. Should be plenty of parking, too. I think that would be fun and tasty and very New England for a visitor from Belgium.
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