Places to eat a brown-bag lunch.
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I normally pack my lunch and eat it in my car at the local park, but with summer here it's too hot to do that and I despise eating at my desk or anywhere else in the office. I'm looking for suggestions for a place where I can bring my lunch and eat inside without getting hassled or feeling awkward. I work in the Paoli/Berwyn, PA area, if that helps.
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If you don't mind a little drive, you're pretty close to the Valley Forge National Park.
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I usually take a 10 minute walk to the nearest library. They usually have some benches or outside area that is nice to sit in and you won't get hassled since it's a public space. You can also try walking to courthouses and other "public" spaces if you have some nearby.
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Penn State Great Valley is near where you work; their main building or student center would probably have a food court with open-access tables, as well as lots of indoor benches/chairs/study spaces where you could eat undisturbed.

Alternatively, lobbies of (large) hotels and jointly-owned office complexes usually have pleasant indoor seating spaces.
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Maybe in the cafe of a bookstore? They might not hassle you if you buy a beverage at the cafe.

If there's an indoor mall nearby, that works too.
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A local shopping mall, if you've got one? The food court doesn't keep close track of where each table's food came from, and there are plenty of little benches along the hallways you could sit down and eat at, if the food court seemed awkward.
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Is there a college/university nearby? Some have covered quads or the like.
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I used to take my brown bag lunch to the mall all the time.
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