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I have a long rectangular cushion/pillow I'm in the process of making, probably about 20cm by 60cm. When I sew it up, should I just sew the cushion pad into it (which means it would have to be opened up to be washed, which would annoy me) or should I make an envelope-type fastening - and if the latter, should it go width or lengthways?

NB the cushion front is embroidered, so I don't have a pattern to work from when it comes to making up. I'll probably be getting a feather cushion pad for it when it's done.
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Would velcro along one of the short sides be worth a try? Either way, it should probably open along a short side, like a conventional pillow.
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Ditto the Velcro. And do use a short-side opening. Make sure that your "envelope" flap laps way over the back of the pillow. Otherwise, the opening will gap when the pillow is used. You could also secure the flap with several buttons and loops. And if this will be washable, use a generous measurement when you cut the pillow cover to allow for any shrinkage after the cover is washed, unless you really like the stuffed-like-a-sausage feel of a tightly packed pillow. Good luck!
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If you decide to go the velcro route, I would advise against the self-stick variety (it gums up in the wash) and get the 100% sew-onnable kind.

What I would do, though, is install a zipper (really not that hard if you're a competent enough sewer to be doing this kind of project) or buttons. Either like a sweater with several running all the way down the seam, or one large one securing an envelope-style flap.

And I would make the flap be on the short side, like a standard bed pillowcase. If it's on the long side, I think it would be too likely to gap open and be annoying.
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Response by poster: I like the zipper idea, though I'm slightly scared of them - I'm a hand-sewer.

I'm a bit worried about the cushion gaping open when used, so some kind of fastening would be handy.
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You can fasten the back with some sort of tie/s or buttons for a more polished, finished look. The tie especially, you could find nice trim, rope or ribbon and fasten that easily by hand.
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I have a body pillow in a cover, and the zipper is on the short end of the cover. If you are afraid of sewing-in a zipper, this would be a good project to learn on.
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