Bongo bangers?
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What experience has the mind-net had with Mazda Bongos?

I am about to buy a Bongo, but the whole area is a minefield; not least because I cannot inspect it myself before buying!

I've had some good tips from a local specialist, but please; let me know your experience of Bongos!

What goes wrong?
What was wrong when you got it?
Can you can recommend any specific dealers in the UK? (Please PM names)
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Maybe the Bongo Fury people can help.
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More usefully - nthing Bongo Fury; my folks had one for many years and BF were very helpful. The van itself was everything one might hope for - not cheap but brilliant. Benefits from regular servicing, fuel consumption got heavy if you did more than 70, spend the time and money on a good one at the start.
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You want Imperial Cars, Poole if you're looking to buy a newly converted one. Not a customer myself, but I live locally and have heard good things about them anecdotally. I've also heard that they can guzzle fuel if you drive too fast / hard and need good regular maintenance to make the most of them.
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