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Some months ago I came across a site that, I think, makes products from bespoke designs by young designers, or at least makes such products available for purchase. I think (am almost certain in fact) that it is based in the UK. I cannot remember the site and no amount of searching turns it up.

Some more details: when I looked at the site last, it featured some products such as bags and curtains perhaps, made with Scandavian-looking (Marimekko like) fabric, and other designs were similarly modern or retro-modern. In concept it seemed a bit like myfab, but less industrial and mass market. It also had similarities to sites like etsy, but was not, I think, a place to sell handcrafted products - although I could be wrong. Now that the wife and I are trying to decide on a look for our new house, I am desperate to try to find this site. Please help.
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I don't think it's what you're looking for, but Cockpit Arts is a useful resource as well.

I also presume you're not thinking of mydeco.
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Is it not on the high street?
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On a tangent, racking my brains here for some retro or British or Scandinavian interior design places that might be of use/inspiration:

Rose and Grey
Metro Retro
Design House Stockholm

In the event you can't find what you want here, I'd suggest sending a query to Living Etc or asking in their forum.
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