Recommend a psychiastrist in L.A.?
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Looking for recommendations for a psychiatrist in Los Angeles, preferably on the westside. Someone who can treat depression and anxiety. The catch is, we don't have health insurance so an MD who works on a sliding scale would be best. (Do such people even exist?)

Specific recommendations would be great, or if not that, then perhaps advice on how to find one on our own? The lack of insurance means no GP, which means we have no idea where to start looking.
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UCLA's Anxiety Disorders Research Center in Westwood does sliding scale, apparently. I have no firsthand experience; another UCLA doc in neurology coincidentally fixed a lot of my anxiety problems while fixing my migraines.

If nothing else, they may be able to point you to other sliding-scale options.
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My psychiatrist is great; I see him for ADHD but he does depression and anxiety as well. I found him because he had great reviews. He's really, really easy to talk to and listens carefully, and he is very accommodating about only taking approaches his patients are comfortable with. His name is Robert Chang, D.O.. I've only lived in LA for about a year so I'm not sure if West Hollywood is considered "westside," but that's where his office is. I have insurance so I'm not entirely sure what his rates are and I can't seem to find anything online, but he's good enough that I think it's worth calling and asking about.
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Psychology Today Find a Therapist
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This place is in El Segundo (just south of LAX): South Bay Center for Counseling. There are several therapists working in that office, so the coordinator will work to find a good fit for you, and they work on a sliding scale. Good luck.
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