Pretty calendar/schedul software?
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Is there any calendar and/or scheduling software that looks attractive?

Okay, I admit I'm superficial. All the software I can find for calendars and schedules are painfully ugly. The best I can find are ones that have a pretty photo and then the same old ugly calendar pasted on. Is there anything out there with a pretty GUI?
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Things for Mac looks Mac-like, if that's your bag (much more Mac-like than the godawful-looking iCal). It's much better for scheduling than calendars, though, in that there is no calendar.
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I really like "The Big Picture". It's primarily a task organization system, but it has a fully integrated calendar. I think it's quite nice looking.
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Oh, it's all online - not sure if that's what you're looking for.
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Online is fine.

Aarrgh, I can't believe I missed that typo in the title. I wish I could edit.
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Have you tried Google Calendar?
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Plussing Things for Mac. Beautifully designed.
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Helvetical changes the appearance of Google Calendar.
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Yeah there are many Stylish scripts out there to take common online calendars (as well as many other websites) and make them pretty however you want them.
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