How do I price and sell a signed, limited-edition vinyl toy?
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How do I best sell a signed, limited-edition vinyl toy? And how do I figure out how to price it?

I'm not a collector of vinyl toys, but a few years ago, I won one at an event. I've kept it around because I think it's awesome, but I'm moving now, and trying to get rid of excess possessions. I'd like to sell it, but can't really figure out a) how much to charge or b) where to sell it.

ebay doesn't seem to have a lot of vinyl toys up, and I'd have to set a starting price before selling it in the kidrobot forums, which otherwise look like the most obvious place. I'd search those forums for a starting price, but it's a large toy that's long been sold out, and it's signed, which makes it hard for me to guess at what's comparable.

If there's a place in Chicago I could do this in person, that would be ideal, but as I suspect that's not the case, online is totally cool.
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Quake Collectables
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Did you search for completed auctions on eBay as well as current listings?
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There are a lot of limited-edition, signed vinyl toys out there. I'm surprised you don't see a lot of similar toys on ebay, actually, as that is pretty much one of the main the go-to places to buy/sell collectible vinyl toys. What are your search terms? I ebay-searched "unkl" and came up with quite a bit. In fact, if you searched for your specific toy via a google-search, it'll probably pop up, unless it's really, really obscure.

Keep in mind that Comic-Con is coming up relatively soon, so the market of collectible vinyl toys is likely going to be inundated. I know some toy collectors have stopped buying vinyl toys, and are saving up for the Comic-Con extravaganza. That doesn't mean your collectible isn't still very desirable and won't sell for potentially lots of dough.
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Try Rotofugi.
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I'd check eBay again, with maybe a little better research into your search terms (There are almost 15,000 listings at the moment in the collectible vinyl category on eBay) I know a few people who spend literally tens of thousands of dollars a year on collectible vinyl and they buy primarily from eBay. If you don't know the terms to search for maybe take it to your local comic book/collectible shop and ask the guys there to tell you what they can about it. This will also help you list it correctly so your high-paying collector can find your auction.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for your help! I called Rotofugi and they don't buy used toys and weren't sure about pricing, but were awfully nice.

As far as ebay, even searching the completed listings, my particular toy doesn't come up, though smaller variations on it do. Ookseer and jabberjaw, your confidence that lots of people are buying vinyl toys on ebay (it appears I started with overly specific search terms, which led me to thinking the opposite) gives me the confidence to list it and hope that it works out.
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