Renting A Car Internationally
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InternationalCarRentalFilter In May, the girlfriend and I will be going to the Domincan Republic, flying into Santiago, DR courtesy of cheap JetBlue tickets. We plan to rent a car (she is Dominican/Puerto Rican and speaks Spanish fluently) so we wanted to rent a car to see all the country that we could (we shy away from tourist places). Its the first time shes been there so its sort of a time when she really wants to see her country. I've never rented a car internationally before. How can I keep this as cheap as possible?

I can drive stick and am planning to get the cheapest economy car imaginable. (We're students, btw). I'm under 25 (currently 24) so it results in a bit of an extra charge. My credit car covers collision coverage, but what else should i worry about? Anyone have advice about renting in the DR? How can I keep this cheap? (I have AAA, but i'm not sure what else i might use to get discounts)

We were also thinking of getting the rental car for part of the time, as we'll be staying in Santo Domingo for most of the trip with her fam.
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Make sure your credit covers collision on an international rental. I wouldn't assume anything in such a situation.
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Response by poster: Yes, it does. The coverage is actually better. Wow.
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I've never rented in DR specifically, but I know a few of the large U.S. rental companies have international subsidiaries (especially at major international airports).
It'll probably be a little more expensive than a local vendor, but you may be reassured by the large corporate name.

You might also check out fox rent-a-car.
They have a price matching + 10% "guarantee" and they rent out of Santiago airport. An added bonus is that they are a U.S. based company, so you have someone to sue if it all goes bad. Also, be aware they have a reputation as a less than customer service oriented type place, but since your girlfriend speaks Spanish, that probably won't be an issue.

I've had great luck with sixt while renting in Europe. It appears they subcontract out to payless in the Dominican Republic.
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