Shipping artwork 101
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Things I should've been able to figure out by myself but can't Filter: How do I register and submit my artwork to a Canadian art show while living in the US? Help me figure out how to write and mail a check, mail my artwork, and pay whatever duty charge there might be.

Yay! I've decided to participate in my first art show, Square Foot 2010, that will be held at the AWOL Gallery in Toronto, Canada.

Unfortunately, I am in the US, so I'll have to rely on mail to get my application, entrance fee, and artwork to the show. The catch is, I can't figure out how to do any of these things and both my googlefu and my patience fail me. Meanwhile, I've got three illustrations I'm trying to finish on time. Help!

What I can't figure out is...

- Entrance fee: How do I cut a check in a different currency (Canadian dollars)? Should I look up the exchange rate from CAD to USD, calculate what the entrance fee would be in U.S. dollars and write out the check for that amount, hoping by the time the check gets to Toronto the exhange rate won't change too much?

- Shipping the artwork: How do I pay the 5% (I think) duty charge on a piece of artwork? All pieces will be for sale for CAD 225 each, so should I pay 5% of $225 x 3 (I'll have three pieces). Who do I pay the duty charge to?

-When I'm shipping the artwork itself, how do I make sure that I've covered the cost of return shipping? It's not like I can buy a sheet of stamps and put it in the package.

All help would be much appreciated.
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International Money Order perhaps.

Mailing the stuff there should not be a huge problem, getting it back a little trickier, perhaps talk to UPS (or FedEx) about prepaid return labels?
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