Manchester department store
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Asking for a friend: I'm looking for a department store in Manchester, England where the customer looks through a (giant) catalogue in lieu of walking around the store and looking at the actual items.

My friend said it was very big and they sold all kinds of things - clothes, jewelry, etc. She also thought it might be a chain in the UK.
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Best answer: Argos?
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Best answer: The link above is to the Argos stores in Manchester. It's a chain of stores as you describe, basically a warehouse where you shop from a catalogue, write down the codes for the items you want to buy, hand it in and pay and then wait... They sell EVERYTHING.
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Argos' rival was Index, a store that operated in essentially an identical way (until they went bust).
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Your friend might also be interested in Lakeland. It's not the place they were thinking of - that is almost certainly Argos - but it does a good line in home/kitchen stuff that is hard to find elsewhere. Their Manchester store is at Handforth.
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Lakeland is an excellent shop, but it is not a department store - it sells upmarket home goods. It does have a catalogue, but their shop fronts operate like any other shop front with goods on shelves.

Screwfix is a DIY store that operates like Argos - they have a big warehouse with a front desk where you order by number from their catalogue.
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Amusing video of Bill Bailey talking about Argos, which is actually a pretty good summary of how it works.
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This is known as a catalog merchant/showroom.
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Ah. Argos. The Narnia of household goods...
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