Sources for Spanish-language pulp & comics?
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Where can I find science fiction and horror novels or novellas, comic books, etc. aimed at a Spanish-speaking young-adult audience? (online vendors, sources preferred)

Question pretty much says it all. I am a few weeks into the process of learning Spanish and since this is the first language I've learned where the orthography was no a huge, horrible burden burden, I'm sort of excited and I'd like something to read. I can generally make my way through about 60% of a given Wikipedia español article understanding the bulk of it (more if I understand the topic in question or if it is rich in cognates) but it is a rather unnatural subset. Newspapers do not interest me, I want something fun. No opposition at all to spending some money.

Scifi pulp > comic books (unless about zombie, plagues, ...) > horror, if that makes sense.
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I read a Spanish language Classic Comics version of Captain Blood (El Capitan Sangre) and loved it, but my MIL gave it to me and a quick Amazon yields nuttin'. But I'll keep looking.
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Lots of the books you might read in English have been translated to Spanish. I searched Amazon using "spanish horror novel" and got back a lot of Hellboy and Dracula, plus some Manga. You can put any type (science fiction, thrillers, romance, etc) with the word "Spanish" and get lots of choices.

If you use the words "Spanish writers" I think you get more choices which were originally written in Spanish, rather than translated.
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And here's a list that someone created on Amazon to document their own journey in using books to learn Spanish. It rates the books as easy/moderate/harder.
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There are tons and tons of Spanish comics artists from the 70s, so if you don't mind oldish stuff...

Searching for comics de terror español got me this, which led to this and this... I do not know how much use that is, but it all seemed pretty awesome. Maybe when you learn Spanish you can tell me what it says and if you've found any links to more than just covers.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. It had not even occurred to me to just look on Amazon. Lots of Philip K Dick which have fun titles.

The kindle selection is pretty mediocre, but that's OK. The terror comics look fantastic but I also have failed to find a source.
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