OneLessDesk-like desk... for less?
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I really love the look and idea of OneLessDesk but the price ($750 with shipping) kills it. Anyone have any recommendations on similar desk ideas?
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Are you handy with tools, or know someone who is? You could probably make something similar out of wood--it wouldn't look quite the same but if you used fairly high-quality wood and stained it, it'd probably look pretty nice in its own right.
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I think I saw something similar in ikea, worth a look.
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Seconding Dman. You can easily find someone local who does woodwork on craigslist. Send them the link and get a quote. Wood would actually look quite nice with the right finish.
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Just asked my woodworking father about this, and he pointed out that it would be nigh-impossible to produce a strong, curved piece of wood with that radius. He proposes that you could bend a larger radius from a single piece of plywood (maybe not desirable in terms of functionality, since it imposes on the usable surface of the desk) or use several pieces mitered together (which could attain that radius, but would sacrifice strength and durability). Not sure if the curve is part of the appeal of the desk for you, but it's something to think about.

That said, I also remember seeing a similar nesting desk, without the radiused corners, in Ikea.
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Yeah, to echo Alterscape, I don't really know that it's possible to bend the wood in that way, so the viability of the solution would depend on how much you like the curve. If you're okay with a more square-ish design, wood would probably be perfect.
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This might be the IKEA desk that's mentioned by Alterscape and Not Supplied.
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The one you show is steel, which probably accounts for its price. You might want to do a console table with a shorter table (see here, still expensive but not as expensive) in a cheaper material like aluminum or acrylic.
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Do you really need rounded corners? If you just make it out of wood, and square, it should be easy.
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It's definitely bent steel. You might have a chat with a local steel fabricator near you -- they can do creative things for not necessarily a ton of money. There is a fair amount of thought/complexity put into the wire management though, so to get the same features you may end up adding complexity (=cost).
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