Help hide my ugly printers!
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I'm looking for a wall-mountable cabinet-type piece of furniture to house my two printers.

My requirements:

1. Must be at least 18" deep. 19"-20" would be ideal. 24" would be, I think, too much.
2. Must be at least 36" wide, and 42" would be perfect.
3. The interior clearance must be at least 15", and preferably 18".
4. Must have doors.
5. Must not look too out-of-place with the walnut-stained/black-painted arts-and-crafts library desk, which is extremely similar to this, except the lower portion is painted flat black, and the desktop is a darker walnut stain. Simple black/dark brown modern is fine, but no stainless steel/gloss black, for example.

I am willing to do a little hacking if necessary, such as sawing off legs or devising a mounting system. I'd prefer not to go so far as to have to find/install doors on a piece that doesn't have doors, though.

I've been scouring IKEA for hackable ideas, but have not come up with just the right thing yet.

And, oh yeah, I'm a total cheapskate, so $150 would be about my max budget.
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I've been looking for a similar piece of kit, only floor-sitting, to house two of my own printers. I've yet to find anything remotely deep enough -- shelving units from Ikea et. al. tend to be 13" deep, if not shallower, and the one monster I've got (a Phaser 860 workgroup printer, which is overkill, but I didn't pay for it) requires 24". If you have any ideas you've discarded due to excess depth, I'd be glad to hear about them. You might try asking over at the Ikea Fans' Ikea Hacker forum -- I remembered it while trying to think of an answer for you, and if anyone knows how to modify something from Ikea to fit your needs, they would.
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As far as I can tell, wall-mounted cabinets are invariably about a foot deep, and base cabinets are typically two feet deep. While I'd be willing to take a shot at wall-mounting a cabinet meant to stand on the floor, my main concern would be that the rear panel would not be stout enough itself, and would not be structurally tied into the cabinet, so that hanging it on the wall would result in either a torn-off cabinet or a cabinet torn off from the rear panel. I suppose some additional ikeahacking could resolve that.

It's not exactly the dimensions you want, but this Ikea over-fridge cabinet is pretty close.
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I used an old radio cabinet from the 20s that was in good shape but had been gutted long ago. The dimensions are perfect for my two printers - I was even able to take the heavy shelf in the middle, cut it out, then add brackets so it now slides in and out when I am using the printer a lot. I keep my router and wifi in there as well and am really happy with it.

It seems like you could find a mission or deco one and adapt it.
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Have you looked at Elfa from the Container Store? You could do the desk depth shelf on a two-bar hanging system. Might be overkill but if you need/want to incorporate bookshelves above, could be pretty nice.
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Oh sorry, I missed that you wanted doors!
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