What to do in Accra, Ghana for 24 hours?
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I have a 24 hour layover in Accra, Ghana in July. Thoughts on hotels, restaurants, things to do?

We will landing in Accra at 2 PM on Sunday and Leaving 3 PM on Monday. Budget is not a huge concern, but it is a factor. We don't need 5 star hotels and food, but we would like to stay in some what safe areas.
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I haven't been to Ghana in years, so all my recommendations are likely out of date. Not sure what you like to do or what your experience in Africa is, but wandering through the main market is interesting, if bewildering.

The Bradt travel guide to Ghana is the best guide to the country, so you should get your hands on a copy, if just from the library or something.
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I went to Ghana on vacation while I was in the Peace Corps about 10 years ago. My friends and I had a long list of things to do while we were there, and we started with Labadi Beach.

We never left. It's still one of my fondest memories of Africa.
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Best answer: Accra is going to be hard to appreciate in that short of time, but I'll try to lay some things out to cover some of the contrasts available in the city
- Definitely visit the main market
- Osu is a busy and safe area to look for a place to stay and restaurants, also with a castle.
- As a specific recommendation, one classic hotel for wealthy visitors (foreigners) is the Golden Tulip, and it is still a good meeting place and safe place to stay.
- The University at Legon is gorgeous and very green, easy walking
- Keep your eyes open going through Airport neighborhood, and down the main road with its few stoplights. This is one of the newest and poshest parts of town, with roads paved in asphalt.

Looking over this list it feels like a high-class visit but if you just walk around the neighborhoods you will get a feeling about what "typical" Ghana is like, and you can do this almost anywhere in town, so giving specific names is redundant.

Be sure to eat the local foods, obviously. My favorites are the ground-nut soup, red beans and rice, and of course fried sweet plantains (slightly salted, even better). Try fufu (like eating bread dough). Ground nuts (peanuts), bananas, all fresh. The tubes of frozen yogurt and little bags of water. Yay, Ghana. I have had no problems eating at street places in Accra.

Also, I recommend confirming check-in procedures for Monday. We would come to the airport REALLY EARLY (like 5 hours early) to do check-in - it is CHAOS - then leave the airport again for a meal and come back. This may be an Alitalia problem rather than an Accra problem.

Sadly the most notable attractions are all a couple hours outside, which is probably not feasible on your schedule. Specifically, I am thinking of the castle at Cape Coast and the parks at Kakum and also the dam at Akosombo. If you get a few extra days there sometime...

(I used to live in Accra. Now I am just left wondering where you could possibly be headed with Accra as a layover...)
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Also I need to add, keep an eye out for churches and mosques. The population is pretty evenly split between Muslim and Christian, with generally good relations between the two groups. Often in small towns the church and mosque will be right across the street from each other. If you have the chance I recommend you go to a church Sunday afternoon, you can hear them a long, long way away. Also you will frequently pass groups of people in black and red under chairs with camp tents and big portraits in the street; these are funerals, and you are generally welcome to crash them respectfully and ask questions.
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