Best NYC park location with free & reliable wifi?
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Looking to take my laptop and work inside a park somewhere in Manhattan. Ideally, should be inside the park, but anything right next to it works too. Since those are the closest to me, any locations in Thompson or Union Square parks will be the best. Thanks!
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I'm pretty sure Bryant Park has free wi-fi. At least, it used to. I haven't used it in a while.
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free wifi in Union Square park
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In Tompkins, you pay for your WiFi.
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Bryant park is the poster child for this. I'm pretty sure Union Sq is also quite good. You may also want to check out Madison Sq Park's wifi.
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Bryant park yes. Union Square, not so much. I always see an alleged free wifi signal there, but can never actually get a connection.
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Would also recommend this handy map for finding wifi anywhere in the city.
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