Name of a movie about a rogue (blue?) elephant?
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Looking for the name of a movie that I have distant memories of from when I was kid, say about 35 years ago. There was a rampaging elephant that was a constant in the movie until the climatic scene at the end of the movie where someone, with the elephant bearing down on him, finds a rifle buried in the ground that he digs out and uses to kill said elephant. Also, if I remember correctly, the elephant was blue

It seems to me that it was an old movie by the time I saw it.

I also seem to remember that a lot of it took place in the jungle or somewhere that was heavily wooded.

Thinking about it now, the elephant might have had a Moby Dick quality about in that it had a quasi-magical quality about it that had been a terror in some form or another, for some time.

And I want to say that the rifle found in the ground had some previous connection to the elephant.

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Is it Elephant Walk with Elizabeth Taylor?
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Is it Lord of the Jungle? Click where it says [+] Read full synopsis.
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Googled it and it does not sound like it.

From memory, there was an individual elephant that played a critical role and was singled out (a la Moby Dick).
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Lord of the Jungle sounds more like it but in the end they do not kill the animals.

In what I remember, the elephant is killed, triumphantly. The guy who does it uncovers this (long forgotten) rifle in dirt at the last second. It as kill or be killed.
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