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Surprise vacation in early December: Is skiing even possible?

I want to plan a surprise family trip for my beloved's birthday in early December. He loved to ski when he was younger, but hasn't gone in years. I've never even seen a snow ski up close. (I'm a hothouse flower when it comes to winter. Do not care for the cold, but willing to bundle up and do my best none the less.)

It appear from cursory searches that early December may be too early for snow. Can anyone who knows anything at all about winter wonderlands clue me as to when it actually snows enough to enjoy snow sports, or which part of the country I should gaze towards for family friend early season ski resorts?
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I know people who ski in October. So no, December is not too early.
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roomthreeseventeen: "I know people who ski in October. So no, December is not too early."

Where are they skiing?
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Most ski resorts will make snow, so even if nature has not cooperated skiing will be possible. Colorado, Utah, California (to name a few states) all have big ski resorts that do this. Do you have a preferred destination or any other constraints that would help narrow your search?
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You can ski in the Tahoe area in December, but it might be cutting it close.

The bigger question is WHERE do you want to ski? How far do you want to travel? Colorado? Nevada? Utah? Wyoming?

Once you figure out a general area, Google major ski resorts in that area, and then go to the individual resorts' webpages to find out when they open for the fall.

From personal experience, I believe Heavenly at Tahoe usually opens right before Thanksgiving, but in the past that's been pushed back when Mother Nature has not cooperated.
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One of my coworkers, who lives in Colorado, says is snowed a bit on Saturday. So, no, I don't think you'll have trouble finding snow in December!
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I'm solely an East Coast skier, so western places may be different. But my experience is that while there may be snow and some runs may be open, conditions get better as the season progresses. And their websites tend to make conditions sound better than they are ("2 lifts and 9 runs open!!!"), so you are taking some risks by booking early. If you can't move the date, make sure you do it somewhere that has a high probabilty of good coverage that early.
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yes you can ski in colorado and new mexico in early december. Nearly all resorts will be open in some form or fashion. They may only be 20% open, but still open. Sometimes resorts even have discount weekends around then. HOwever, they have discounts because they may or may not have snow. If i were planning a ski vacation for early december, i would make sure i planned in an area where there are other things to do in case there are only a few runs open. You can still ski those few runs but find something else to do if you bore of what is open.

wolf creek in southern colorado gets lots of snow per year and many times before thanksgiving.
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Most resorts in Canada are open before Christmas. But we have snow year round, eh!
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For good early (or late, for that matter) season skiing, there are no guarantees. However, you would be best served picking a high altitude, relatively northerly resort to improve your chances of having something to ski on. For my money, I'd go to Salt Lake City, because you can get cheap but nice accomodations in Sandy and be 20 minutes from 4 different resorts in the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, and an hour drive from Park City and Deer Valley. This way you have lots of options in case one resort has had a particularly good snowmaking season or if a storm hits better on one side of the mountains or the other.
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Snow's tough in early december. I live in colorado and most resorts open in the middle of november, but that means there are only about 3 or 4 runs open, which is kind of miserable because everyone and their mother is really excited about skiing so lines/snow is awful.

I would suggest waiting until late season (usually february and beyond) if you can.
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All resorts in colorado open sometime in November.
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This should be no problem in most of the Pacific Northwest or Rocky Mountain regions.
Mt. Bachelor in central Oregon and Schweitzer in the Idaho panhandle are both good, and both well into their high seasons by early December.
I'd guess pretty much everything in Colorado/Wyoming/Montana/Utah will be, too, but I don't have personal experience there.
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I would recommend something in the higher altitude Colorado/Wyoming/Montana/Utah Rocky Mountains region.

My personal recommendations would be Park City/Deer Valley, Utah, and Big Sky, Montana.

I would not recommend anything in the Pacific Northwest, unless you want to know what it feels like to get rained on while skiing, or learn why some call the snow conditions "white mud".

Unfortunately, December skiing can vary, and it all depends on what the weather does during the Fall to build up what skiiers call a "base", which means the underlying base of snow. A good base built in the early season can make for great skiing later on. A poor base in the early season can have a negative effect later on.
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Timberline in Oregon offers summer skiing on the glacier, so you'd be sure to have something, even if it might not be ideal.
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In the past few years, the resorts in Tahoe have only been sporadically open in early December. Even when open, they're not a lot of fun - the man-made snow isn't particularly soft, and there are only a few runs open which become rapidly clogged with people (who should be on a different, closed run). I'd go somewhere else, especially for a surprise party.
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As Jacquilynne says, there's year-round skiing on the Palmer Glacier at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood in Oregon. They even ski there in August and September.
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So it sort of sounds as though the consensus is that I'd be better going later in the season; as snow that early is iffy, and when it does happen, the slopes are slammed.
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