Where can I buy a nice sewing kit?
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Where can I buy a comprehensive and well-made hand sewing kit, one that is nicer than the Singer plastic kits you find at stores and hotels?

Every so often I have to do some hand sewing, be it reattach a button, fix a seam, etc. (I have no skills nor the desire to do machine sewing at this time.) However, when I do this I'm usually reaching for a cheapo Singer kit like the ones you find in grocery stores or a travel kit you pick up in hotels. But these kits are a bit lacking in color choice and needle choice, have those crappy thimbles... So, I wondered if there existed a nicely made, comprehensive hand sewing kit?

I know they exist--or did at one point--because I remember seeing one in one of those overpriced tool catalogs (Garrett Wade or the like). It was a sewing kit with about 30 or more colors of thread all weaved together in a beautiful way with an assortment of needles all in a leather bundle you could fold or roll up, much nicer than the plastic-encased Singer kits. However, my search-fu must be lacking because I can't find anything like this on the Web, eBay, or even Etsy. (I thought this sort of thing would be a perfect Etsy product.)

(And, yes, yes, I know that the correct way would be to build a kit for myself with a nice shopping spree at a sewing or fabric store--and I do go when I need a specific color of thread--but part of me desires a nice, even luxurious, sewing kit that is comprehensive and isn't ugly.)
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Um, my Mom got all crafty and made me one out of an elegant, nay luxurious, old cigar box containing anything you could ever possibly need for hand-sewing in it. But it's made with love, I'm not sure if you can buy that.

Hey though, I got some hits searching for "tailor's sewing kit". Maybe one of those ones around two hundred bucks?
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Go to Joann Fabric's online store and look at the sewing baskets. Some come filled and are in the $15-$30 range.
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Response by poster: XMLicious: Those are actually $100-200 for 100-150 kits.

agatha_magatha: Maybe, but I was hoping to avoid the basket route. One because they tend to be quite large, and, well, most seem to be a bit floral for my taste. But, if I have to go the "make my own" route, it's good to be reminded about them.
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I too am totally surprised there isn't anything like this on etsy! Maybe an etsy alchemy request would be in order?
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I think that an Etui Needlecraft box from SpareTimeCrafts on Etsy is right up your alley. You can have her custom-make one from you with fabrics you choose. I have one and it's very handy, isn't ugly and doesn't take up much space. Plus, it feels like magic when you take the lid off and the box falls apart.
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Response by poster: vespabelle: I know...it surprised me too. I guess everyone on Etsy has a great sewing kit! But I'd never heard of Etsy Alchemy? I'll give it a look.

angelchrys: That's an idea for at least the etui/basket/holder part. Maybe I'll check out my local fabric/sewing store to see if they have the bits I could include (like spools of many colors, etc.) Thanks!
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How about this one? The case is just a leather pouch.

And look at this one. It was custom made for a specific occasion so it's not available for sale, but wow it looks great.

If you decide to collect your own things, look here for a box to put them in.

And here is a long list of choices, with some zippered pouches and one that is for wardrobe folks on a movie set. Maybe the work "deluxe" is the magic search term.
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Sajou make exquisite (and exorbitant) sewing sets for those susceptible to shiny-shiny. They have various resellers in the US, and can occasionally be found on Etsy.
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A lot of the time commercially prepared kits contain a lot of stuff you'll never use and are much more spendy than needs be.

My typical procedure is to look at what to various commercial outfits are putting into their kits and go from there. If you are not actually building anything from whole cloth your needs are going to be pretty modest.

The nice thing about getting the basics and building from there is that you can add things as you need them.
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Have a look here for the multiple threads all woven together: Travel Thread Kit. It only comes with one needle, though.

Try searching Etsy for needlebooks to put that thread and some extra needles in. It would be a good start...

If you don't mind ordering from the UK, Cath Kidson has a few cute kits. They might be a little too floral, however. This one is nice. It has a metal thimble and a seam ripper.

And in the same vein as Etsy, DaWanda might have something interesting. These are nice and could fit a few extras like a thimble.
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