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I'm currently using this USB capture device. The sound (regardless of the source, it seems) is always tinny and weak... maybe 1/3 the volume it should be. Would putting a preamp in between the source and the card improve things? Am I resigned to mixing sound in after the fact?

For anyone curious about that card... it's OK. It was a pain to use with Vista, and I had to download some custom drivers that someone else wrote, but it was cheap.
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Damn, that is cheap. The price just went from $6.45 to $6.00 while I was looking at it. From one of the Amazon reviews: "... Next, expect low quality audio." That is what I'd be expecting. Does it have a volume meter in the capture software? Is it showing a low signal? You could try, instead of using the "line out" jack, putting that into an amp or preamp, turning the volume all the way down on the amp/preamp, run the speaker out into it (you might need to splice on an RCA connector from Radio Shack) and turn it up gradually while watching the meter.
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The capture software doesn't seem to have a line-in volume control (it's Ulead studio from 2006, and the best that I can say for it is that it's servicable). I looked through my installed drivers, and didn't see any way to change the properties of the driver itself.

A cheap preamp is 17 bucks, I suppose, so maybe I'll just give it a shot.

Can anyone think of something that might work better?
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I had the same problem with a similar device, I just plugged the audio output of what I was recording into the Aux inputs on my Stereo receiver, Then patched from the Monitor outs through a cheap EQ and was able to achieve a good sound- plus I cold sculpt it a bit as a ripped it with the EQ.....
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peewinkle: That's a good idea. I can't remember if my current receiver that I have managing my computer speakers has a line-out, but I may give that a try.
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