Help me finish planning my Pride party
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ISO party theme ideas -- Pride brunch/cocktail party -- think ironic rainbow.

Okay, so I usually do a Pride brunch/cocktail party with a theme. This year I'm going all ironical with "Embrace the Rainbow." (My friends and I all live in San Francisco, many in the Castro, so the rainbow kitsch is a bit ubiquitous and targeted for mockery.)

I think I've got the food and beverage situation figured out. There will be platters of food in ROY-G-BIV formation (think large white platters with stripes of food in order -- red food, orange food, etc.). [Side question: where can I buy those decorative blue marbles people put in bowls and vases? I'll be using those for the blue stripe.] There will be a row of glass bottles with beverages in the 7 colors. I might put out a platter with non-food items, like condoms and/or tampons (have you seen the Kotex U tampons? OMG rainbow) in rainbow colored wrappers, not sure.

Now I'm moving on to the non-food parts of the party -- decorations and music and related atmospherics. Please feel free to brainstorm away, but here are a few questions:

What are some fun party songs that relate to either rainbow or to a color in the rainbow?

What are some rainbow-themed decorations that would be fun/clever?
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Balloons are a cheap way to have a big impact when they're bunched together en-mass - with a balloon pump they're trivial to arrange.

Your drinks should have complementary colored straws (Blue drink/orange straw, etc) along with neon tiki umbrellas. You can drape multi-colored beads on everything. Fabric is cheap, you can hang drops of solid color tulle to give everything a gauzy feel.

I once saw a display of hankies in a rainbow pattern

Music? Why are there so many sons about rainbows?

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Me First and The Gimme Gimmes do punk covers of "Over The Rainbow" and "The Rainbow Connection".

I hate myself for thinking of this, but how about a variety of shades of lipstick as a nod to rainbow parties?
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blue marbles - see any craft store (Michael's, Joann's, etc) especially one with a fake-flower department.

I know you have food taken care of, but please tell me you'll have a layered rainbow cake or jello mold, please?? Because I think they look awesome. Alternatively, you could do blue jello instead of blue marbles if you wanted the whole tray to be edible...
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These are great, keep 'em coming! Yes, I could do blue jello as the blue stripe, and/or those rainbow jellos are pretty awesome.
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True Colors. Kinda apt for a pride party too.
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OMG I never heard of "rainbow parties," ha!
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I'm voting for jello in many many colors. Maybe Stained Glass Cake, or jello shots if it's that kind of party.
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If you're into jello, have a look here for some inspiration.
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Also, if you have any outdoor space, stringing up some cheap paper lanterns in all the ROYGBIV colors would be fun.
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Last time I had a party with a rainbow theme we made Skittles Vodka and encouraged guests to "shoot the rainbow" over the course of the night. It went over really well and was worth the hassle of actually having to prepare the drinks.
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In addition to crafts, those glass marbles are also used in flower arranging if that gives you any ideas for stores to look in.
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For blue marbles you could check out Cliff's Variety on Castro Street. If they don't have them I'm sure they'll know where you can get them. They also have all sorts of kitschy stuff.
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...we made Skittles Vodka

Also from that website, how about making Vodka Gummi Bears?
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Food + rainbow + irony = Strawberry Shortcake (classic), or New (2003) Strawberry Shortcake characters.

Note that each character has, and is named for, a theme dessert.

I think I have my next brunch or afternoon tea idea.
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I have to quote this: "In the modern version, Blueberry Muffin has been re-imagined as a book-loving dramatist, who lives in a muffin-shaped cottage in Blueberry Valley. Her hair was also altered to an uncharacteristic brown color, but she re-instated her trademark blue hair in 2007, with mixed reactions from fans."
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Just don't pour a bunch of Skittles in a 40oz of malt liquor. Trust me.

Music: Rainbow in the Dark
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Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows by Lesley Gore (of "You Don't Own Me" 1960s fame.) As a bonus, Lesley Gore is a lesbian.
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