Looking for a good pair of kids sandals.
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Can anybody recommend some children's sandals (no flip-flops)? Here's the criteria I'm looking for: * Relatively inexpensive. * Good for walking (we don't have a car). * Can get wet without falling apart (we live near a lake). * Will securely hold to the child's foot (won't fall off easily like flip-flops).
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I don't know what constitutes relatively inexpensive for you, but as an adult, I am quite fond of my Tevas, which I have worn for several summers and don't fall off and tolerate wetness well. On zappos, for boys and girls.
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Keens are also a great choice. I love mine. I believe that they're less costly than Tevas, too.
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Seconding Keens - My 3 and 6-year-old offspring live in them for the summer.
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Salt Water Sandals buckle on, are seemingly indestructible, get wet wonderfully despite being leather, still look new at the end of the summer, never been the source of any blister or other foot complaint here. The design is nice and classic -- I found them while looking for the sort of sandal I had as a kid. The price is great for the quality.
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As much as I hate them, I tolerate my daughter wearing Crocs for all the reasons you've described.
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Lands' End has all sorts of great sandals, with the added benefit of replacing them at no cost to you should the kid destroy them before growing out of them*. Girls and boys.

*they're great shoes, really well-made, but the occasional kid will destroy them. my son, for example. was never an issue with my daughter...
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As much as I hate them, I tolerate my daughter wearing Crocs for all the reasons you've described.

Nthing this.
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Chacos come in kids sizes, and they're indestructible (we bought ours on Craigslist used, and they were bombproof, even for a kid).

Now, getting the kid to actually wear shoes is another thing.
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Crocs for kids are absolutely adorable. They're so tiny! I hate the adult ones, but really, what could be better than hose-off-able shoes?

don't tell anyone but I have a pair of the ones with furry insides for taking out the trash
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Seconding saltwater sandals! They are awesome, durable, and much cuter than crocs.
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Seconding, Land's end. All their clothing is great, kids shoes are VERY great!! Check out the overstock section of the website, I've gotten my daughter very nice shoes for less than $5 before!
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Chacos, if they make 'em that small. Sandals with velcro fasteners suck, because the water and sand causes them to wear out and stop sticking. Chackos have a buckle similar to the ones on a backpack, Vibram soles and arch support. They're about $70.
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Saltwater sandals hold up really well, but they have quite thin soles and zero cushioning. I say this as an adult Saltwater-wearer. I'd say they are not fantastic for running around. I think Crocs are much better in this respect, and they fulfill all your requirements.
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Yeah, you want Crocs or a knock-off. They exist just for reasons like this. (Why some people seem to think they qualify as real shoes is beyond me, and a different matter entirely.)
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Also coming in to suggest Crocs. They are not fashion by any stretch of the imagination, but they meet all of your criteria and are damn near indestructible.* I love that my son can step in something disgusting and I can just blast it off with the garden hose, that he can put them on and take them off by himself (but only when he intends to, they don't fall off) and he will happily wear them all day long.

*just don't leave them out in the sun, they will shrink. Weird, I know.
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Nthing Lands End. I bought these for my kids to keep at my parents' summer lake house, but we have ended up bringing them back and forth because they're also so great for pools, fountains, backyard worm-digging, etc. I've thrown them in the washing machine with beach towels, and they come out looking great. And they're on sale now! I paid full price.

If you need a free shipping code, I have one, but it expires soon, so memail me if interested.
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