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Barber shop shave in Seattle for 4 on a Saturday morning?

I'm getting married on Saturday and am thinking of taking my groomsmen out to get barber shop shaves in the morning, before we take wedding pictures. Preferably, the place will be in the Capitol Hill area, but we can drive if needed. We need to be able to get an appointment for 4 and need to be in and out in under an hour or so, and it can't cost more than $20-$30 per person (ideally less). While I'd love to go to a place like Valentine's, we can't afford it.

(It seems like there are a number of barber shops in the Central District catering to African-American men that might do straight razor shaves, but I'm not sure of specific places.)

Any ideas? Specific reccomendations are great, of course.
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I did this, here in St. Louis. My barbershop has a bunch of ex-military, rockabilly types for barbers. We scheduled the shaves six months in advance - they generally don't do shaves on Saturdays, since that's their busiest day, so we cam in an hour before they officially opened. Don't know if this is feasible on short notice like this.
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Looks like you want Oslo's. According to their website, a traditional shave is $30. I don't have personal experience with them, I stumbled upon this thread on the green while looking for shaving supplies a few days ago.

Have fun and good luck. I did this with my Best Man in Cincinnati, and it was GREAT experience.
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I think Rudy's may offer this... you might want to check with them. Reasonably priced, although they don't take reservations. There's a location on the hill (E Pine St).
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