What are some great spots to photograh stuff in NYC?
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Location scout filter: What are some great locations in & around NYC for photography? Both photographing models (aka friends) and just general photographing what's there (street/wildlife photography). Funky interior indoor locations especially welcome. Doubly so if they'd actually let me set up some modest gear & spend some time.

Here are some spots that I like already:

- The Mall / Bethseda Fountain / The Gallery in Central Park
- The Cloisters
- The Meatpacking District
- Chinatown, especially some of the back alleys
- The Rockways/Riis Park (I live not too far from there)
- Coney Island / The Boardwalk
- The East/West village.

And yes, I've seen this graphic. I'm also a native NYer, so more interested in funky/off the beaten path than touristy, and stuff that looks old/retro/historic (1870's to 1970's are all good).

I'm aware of some killer spaces that rent by the day too - any leads in this area are also welcome. Not just "photo studio" stuff, but meeting spaces, etc. as long as they don't look boring (corporate, etc.).
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Best answer: IANAP/NYer:
Are you familiar with ScoutingNY and ScoutFriendly.com? ScoutingNY looks pretty great from what I've seen on the Blue.
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Best answer: You may also have fun browsing Forgotten NY, though the layout shows up a bit rough for my tastes.

Sorry if the links I've posted are totally obvious to you as a native photographer.
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Best answer: A couple of ideas: Brooklyn Army Terminal, Little Red Lighthouse.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions guys - I was vaguely aware of those blogs, but hadn't thought of them for this project.

Brooklyn Army Terminal & Little Red Lighthouse look great, thanks! I'd been meaning to visit the Little Red Lighthouse.
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