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I've found these fun liittle toys for Nokia S60 mobile phones:

Being that my 6630 didn't come with any games, and I don't really want to fork over 3 quid to play some wobbly Java golf game, these seem like good value for money, especially being that NES roms can be found quite easily. Has anybody used these? Are they any good? Which would you recommend?
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While not an NES emulator, I'm using I've used GoBoy to play GameBoy games on my 3650, and it works pretty well (although the circular keypad on my phone is kind of a pain).

What's nice about GameBoy games is that they are generally designed to be used in the mobile environment, so they're easier to pick up and play for 10 minutes in the waiting room.
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I found another app called SMS Plus, which is a free Sega Master System emulator, which does a nice job, although the Master System games aren't that great in comparison to the gameboy games. I can play Sonic however... :)

I've tried GoBoy, but the version on the site doesn't want to work with my 6630.
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Yesnes isn't very good.

I bought GoBoy and enjoyed it for a while before setting it aside.

There's MAME and a C64 emulator too. I'd link, but I don't have time to find them. Try Googling "MAME S60" and "Frodo S60".
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