Moving Apple Mail emails to Microsoft Outlook
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How do I move my emails FROM Apple's Mail program TO Microsoft Outlook on a PC?

There are so many instructions online for doing the opposite.

At my office, I was working on a MacBook running OSX. Now I am switching to A Dell Vostro running Windows 7 (not by choice).

I need to get all my emails from Mail (from 2 accounts) to Outlook.

Please help!
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Response by poster: No. And to re-clarify: I'm trying to move FROM Apple Mail to Outlook. Any other ideas?
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What version of
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Also, what is your goal as the end result? To have all the emails stored in the stored in an Outlook .pst file?
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Best answer: I think odinsdream is on to the only probable (free) solution. I don't think Exchange is necessary, though. My guess is that you could also use any IMAP email account for the intermediary holding storage location. Since Gmail is free and offers decent storage and has IMAP available it seems like the most likely solution.

Cursorily thinking it over I would say to create a gmail account or use your existing one and make sure to enable IMAP connectivity in the account setup. Then, setup to connect to it ( - Newer versions of will have Gmail built in and doesn't require these instructions). Once setup in, ctrl-click (right click) on the Gmail folder and add a "Storage" or "Transfer From Mac" folder or whatever you want to call it. Then find the email messages you have storage in locally and drag them to the newly create storage area.

Once complete, go to your PC, launch Outlook and set it up for IMAP connectivity to the same gmail account ( Now, if you want to move those files into a .pst file you'll need to create a new PST file and save it and then once you've done that, you can start dragging and dropping those emails from the Storage or Transfer From Mac folder into the newly created PST file.

Not elegant, but functional and free.
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Response by poster: Thanks. It looks like the process will take a bit of time... Mail is sending all of my older messages, 1 by 1.
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