He only did one interview
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Searching for the interview Timothy McVeigh gave before his execution.

Have scoured the internet, and can find a 40-second teaser clip all over, but haven't found the full-length video. Help us out, hivemind? Free is good, but I'm willing to shell for it if I have to.
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Looks like the interview was from 60 Minutes, Season 32, Episode 38, which aired on 3/12/00. There don't seem to be any official archives available of the show online or anywhere else (like DVD). Because of that, you may have no choice but to enter the world of torrents. I can't imagine there's a problem with suggesting that for completely unavailable material like this, but a moderator's welcome to correct me if I'm mistaken. I haven't checked out any of the links to see if they're legit, but a number of them do appear when you Google "60 minutes" mcveigh torrent so do with that info as you see fit.
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Best answer: You could contact CBS News' News Archives department.
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You may be thinking of this as well.
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The 60 minutes interview was with Ed Bradley and the episode was called " Timothy McVeigh/The Bodyguard's Story", but doesn't appear to be online anywhere.
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Try the Vanderbilt Television News Archive.
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