Making a weather journal
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I want to make a weather/natural phenomenon/seasonal tracking journal for my farmer dad.

Aside from basics like temperature, wind, precipitation and humidity, what kinds of things should I include? I was also thinking of things like when certain plants bloom or when types of birds pass thru the area, etc.
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If you don't want to simply get him a copy of the Old Farmer's Almanac which only costs $6 then probably copy the same information like moon phases, time of sun rise/set, etc.
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Best answer: Does your dad weigh his yield? Farms I've been on track the pounds produced for specific crops in order to see how well the season went and to help plan for future crops. The other thing I can think of is tracking the amount of time from seed to plugs, and from plugs to fruit. Dates for that stuff are also important, as you want to be able to stretch seasons as much as possible.
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