problem with subtitles on Adobe Encore
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How can I force carriage returns and non breaking spaces in Adobe Encore subtitles?

I'm working on a DVD with (among other languages) French subtitles. Now, there's a typographical convention in French where (contrary to English or Italian) the ? or ! are preceded by a space. This causes all sorts of problems with my subtitles.
Namely, where a line is
blablabla blablabla blablabla blablabla blablabla !
it sometimes gets rendered on two lines like
blablabla blablabla blablabla blablabla blablabla 
which is awful.

The subs were imported from a text script into Encore and edited in there when this error would show up, but Encore is ignoring the changes made, and when the dvd files are exported, the subs show up with the ! on a new line. These are not the only changes Encore is ignoring apparently, it seems that regardless of the editing done in there, the subs are always exported from the original script. What gives?

Possible (but painstakingly long and I would like to avoid this) solution: edit the subs in the original script and fix everything in there.
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I'd use a subtitle editor to fix the original. I've used Subtitle Workshop on Windows, & it claims to support the Encore subtitle format.
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In the end, I reworked the original subtitles. Still bugged that changes made on Encore's timeline are not exported. Time for a reinstall, probably.
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