I can access the internet, but my mac software cannot. Help!
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Please Hope Me! My internet connection is fine as is my internet access - but none my mac software is connected to the internet it seems.

I can surf the web (obviously), but iTunes can't access the iTunes store nor can it receive track names and other album info. I can't get loops or instruments in garage band because it says I need a software update. Problem is, when I open software update it says there is new software to download but none of it appears in the window and I therefore cannot install any of it.

Perhaps this is a "is it plugged in?" sort of question, but I'm stumped. I can get on the internet but my mac software won't.

If it matters, I have a MacBook OSX 10.5.8. Prior to this, everything has worked fine and I have installed all updates.

Thank you in advance!
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Response by poster: I should add that none of the help features work either, as in, a topic list will appear but none of the actual content will show because it's taken from the internet, I presume.
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When you say you can surf the web, do you mean you can surf the web on your otherwise uncooperative MacBook? Or are you saying that you can get online on a different computer in the same house, using the same internet connection (so, therefore, you know the internet's otherwise working)?

(I mean, I'm guessing it's the latter, but if it's the former, that'd be good to know. And curious.)

If you *are* getting online on the Mac, what browser are you using?

Have you set up any services like Freedom that block your internet connectivity?
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Best answer: If some software on the computer connects and other software on the same computer cannot, it could be a proxy that's mis-defined which only the broken set is using.

System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced (button) -> Proxies (tab).

Check to see what's there. If there's anything configured in there, take a note of what it is and clear/disable it.
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Response by poster: do you mean you can surf the web on your otherwise uncooperative MacBook?

Yes, precisely. It's weird. I have AdBlock Plus running. Could that be it?

On the proxy thing, it says bypass proxy on actsvr.comcastonline.com, which I'm assuming is because I use comcast. Two other things are enabled - web proxy and secure web proxy (HTTP & HTTPS, respectively).
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Response by poster: Oh, and I also have it selected to use Passive HTP Mode (whatever the heck that is).
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Response by poster: Ah, sorry - I'm using Firefox.
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Best answer: I was thinking you might be on Firefox, with "no proxy" set. Could you try something? Try opening up Safari and seeing if you can get online with that? (I'm guessing you won't be able to?) If you have Chrome, try that one, too?

I won't know for sure how to deal with the situation you're up against, but Safari not working would, I think, confirm that there's some proxy issue at work.

I doubt it's AdBlock Plus. That's just a Firefox extension, right? It shouldn't affect your non-Firefox networking bits.
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Response by poster: ah....I opened Safari and it's directed me to a page to reset proxy settings. One sec...but I bet this is it, Alt F4.
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Response by poster: Look at that. I unchecked the two proxy boxes and now everything seems to be working. Alt F4 and devbrain - thanks so much!! You guys are smart.
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Wow. So glad that did it.

And ... I'm not smart. Just dumb in the right ways. :)
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