What's with this strange banding on my photos?
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Is this banding on my 35mm film a result of expired film or something else?

I had rolls of Fuji Superia 1600 and Kodak Gold Max 400 which had expired in 2005. I shot this film on my ten-year-old Rebel 2000 and had it developed/scanned at a commercial photo lab. Almost all of my shots now have this curious band on them. Is this the result of expired film? I associate expired film with color shifting and fogging, not with these strange bands, especially since these bands are so consistent in shape and occur on two totally different sorts of film. Is this a problem with the film, with my camera, or the photo lab? Any guidance?

Let us say for sake of argument that I'm too cheap and lazy at this precise moment to shoot a roll of brand new film and to have it developed at a completely new place, although I will do that in the next two weeks or so. I'd like to bring my film camera to my sister's wedding this weekend, but if the cameras are going to get Horizontal Bands of Death, then I'd rather not.

Example of Fuji Superia 1600 shot with a band across it.

Far more subtle example of the banding on a Fuji Superia 1600 shot.

Subtle-ish example of a Kodak Gold Max 400 shot with a band across it.
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Best answer: Definitely dust in the printer if you can't see it on your negs. If these rolls were printed at the same time, that would explain why they look the same – the scanner lens/mirror box likely wouldn't have been cleaned between them.
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Response by poster: Beuh. I have my own scanner, but it's buried underneath some boxes. Peering reveals that these bands are not actually on the negatives.

Photofaction in Park Slope? You suck.
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hmmm either the color processor, scanner or maybe you went through an xray machine
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