Where should I get exercise bands?
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Am looking into getting a set of exercise bands for exercise when a trip to the gym is not convenient or simply not possible. Any brands to look for or stay away from? or is anything on ebay simply good enough?

I am generally trending toward de-teching my exercise routines. In the short term, running without HRM, GPS, route-tracking, etc.. has been quite liberating. I'd like to at least part of the time get the same liberation while using exercise bands and be less reliant on gym visits.

Apart from any recommendations or warnings re: exercise bands, I'm curious what others have used to simplify their exercise routine.
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I like the Theraband brand. There seems to be a bit more nuance in terms of resistance than there is with bands from someplace like Target--you can go for light resistance vs. extra-light, etc. If you google the name, all kinds of options for ordering will pop up; you don't necessarily want to get the huge roll of band intended for clinic use. A six-foot length will probably do for most people.

If you're allergic to latex, however, Theraband may not be a great option.
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Theraband is good for rehab, but beyond that it's not that great.

What you want is something like Jump Stretch.
Perform Better also has a good assortment.
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My physical therapist uses & recommends the Perform Better ones.
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Seconding Jump Stretch. I've had them for a couple of a years, they are solid.
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