Help me find a nutritionist in Chicago?
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I need to create a new way of eating; I'd like to hear from people who have found a nutritionist or a doctor in Chicago who they like and trust.

I need to completely revamp how I eat. I know all the "right" foods to eat for health, and the ones to avoid in general, but I'm a very picky eater. I want to fashion a large menu for the rest of my life--something that will help me lose about 60 pounds, and then a maintenance plan. (Yes, I know diet alone won't entirely facilitate weight loss if I want to eat a decent amount of food; I bought a treadmill and will be going to the gym at my university.)

I need recommendations for nutritionists in Chicago, or, if there is another kind of doctor who does this kind of thing, that would be fine as well. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois doesn't cover nutritionists (naturally), so a specific doctor that they might cover would be useful.
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I don't know anything about Chicago or Blue Cross Blue Shield, but I do know that Michelle, "the Fat Nutritionist," has a really good reputation, a great philosophy about food and bodies, and she does everything over the internet. She also offers to return your money and point you in a different direction if it turns out after your first session that what she does isn't what will help you. She's worth looking into, IMO.
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Response by poster: Hm - thanks, shamash - I'll check it out. I hope someone has a local as well (I'd like to talk to more than one), but it looks like nobody's answering.
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Response by poster: Just checked out Michelle, and way no. She's really, really not what I'm looking for. Her purpose isn't weight loss at all.
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Have you checked out the American Dietetic Association website? You can search for registered dieticians there and you can filter by specialty, location, etc. and it will tell you what services they offer and their areas of expertise. As far as insurance coverage goes, sorry that I can't be more helpful. This site is how I found my rad nutritionist. Like with any other person you might hire for advice, training, assorted therapies, etc., else you need to have a consultation, make sure it's a fit, etc., but the site is a great resource.
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Apologies! I focused on revamping your eating habits and making menus/food plans instead of the weight loss. I second Rudy's suggestion of the ADA in that case, or checking with your insurance company and then extensively googling their suggestions.
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