How to get temporary Internet in Italy?
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Need help getting a VIP access to the 'net while in Italy.

I will be supporting a VIP who is vacationing in Italy in about a month. The location is already set and cannot be changed, and as he has stayed there previously, he knows that there is no internet service there.

We were thinking of tethering his US-based Blackberry to his laptop, but there is a $15 / MB charge for international, non-Email data.

Is there anything in Italy that would work as a short-term internet connection he can plug directly into his laptop or set up nearby, such as a data card or mobile hotspot he can rent?
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If we're talking about a serious VIP, consider BGAN. 464 kbps satellite-based Internet access, utterly independent of (potentially) flaky local ISPs/infrastructure.
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If you're already thinking tethering, why not just look into pre-paid Italian SIM cards that support data? I don't know of any off-hand, its just a matter of buying a block of time/data and inserting the SIM car into the BB.
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Best answer: Try this as a starting point. 9 Euros for 1GB of data.
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Best answer: Most carriers offer prepaid mobile broadband devices, such as these from Vodafone Italy. When doing short term service, you'd need to be prepared to pay full price for the USB device, but it doesn't sound like cost is a huge concern. Otherwise if you want to get this set up in the United States, Verizon offers Global mobile broadband services but pricing is steep for international use (200MB for $229 a month).
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Response by poster: CGomez, thank you - you reminded me we have an older, unused 3G PC Express card here. The label on it says "Globally Compatible" - we might be able to use the device, with a local SIM & Data Plan, as listed by neksys.

Wufpak - while my tech side is drooling, I don't think they'll spring for it...
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