NYC Public Assembly/Protest Laws
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I am looking for some New York (City) laws and statues regarding public assembly. Specifically: is there any recourse against a group that stands around with a megaphone and screams? There has to be a decibel limit to how loud you can be in public, right? Less specifically: Do you need a permit to assemble if you have a certain number of people? What is the legal status of noise complaints? Anything related to this would be helpful. Thanks!
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Best answer: I used to hang out at a coffee shop that occasionally had DJ nights and concerts. They had to get a permit for each individual time the ambient dB level was going to climb over a certain amount (although I don't remember the amount.)

PDFs of the noise code and related policies here.
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Best answer: Germane to protesting -- New York City has one of the most specific noise code regulations in the country.
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