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I was very excited to set up my Bluetooth headphones on my new netbook. It worked great! I went about my business, and then I needed to reboot. more great. Windows has completely forgotten about the passkey, and won't ask me for it again.

I recently purchased an LG x110 netbook, running Windows XP SP3. It comes with built-in Bluetooth, and today I tried connecting my Bluetooth headphones. It was very easy to do, following the Add New Connection Wizard. I put my device into pairing mode, and chose "Custom Mode" for the wizard. It found my device right away, and prompted me for the passkey, which I entered. (0000 and cannot be changed on the device.) I selected "Audio Sink" as the connection type and completed the wizard; I was immediately able to enjoy sound through my headphones over Bluetooth.

A couple of hours later, I had to reboot. The reason was to install East Asian languages, though I don't think that's relevant. When Windows came back up, I double-clicked the headphones icon to reconnect the computer to the device. It wouldn't connect, so I removed it and went to add it again. The wizard was the same as before, but this time it didn't prompt me for a passkey. Without the passkey, my device rejects the connection.

I had a System Restore point from today's checkpoint, but that didn't work. I looked through the registry, and didn't see anything relevant. The "Bluetooth service" referred to on the Microsoft Help website doesn't seem to be running, but it finds the device, so I know it's's just not prompting me for the passkey. I've tried all manner of things, used up all my Google-fu, and can't get this to work. Help would be most appreciated!

tl;dr - Windows isn't prompting me for a passkey for my Bluetooth device. The device requires a passkey that cannot be changed. Without the passkey prompt, Windows can't connect to the device.
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You don't need the passkey each time, just the first time. After that, the computer and headphones are "paired" and will automatically connect to each other.

If they're not doing that, that's a different problem.
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I've used Bluetooth with my phone for a few years now, so I do know that much - it's a different problem. I deleted the entry for the headphones from the laptop because it wasn't connecting, so they are not paired at all. Therefore, I would expect Windows to prompt me for the passkey again, so it can make the initial connection. It's not prompting me.
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Windows isn't prompting me for a passkey for my Bluetooth device.

Have you physically asked Windows to search for new bluetooth devices, or are you just waiting for Windows to come up with the prompt on its own?
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Yes, I had asked it to search, and in fact it found it. It just couldn't pair because it didn't ask for the passkey, or didn't know there was one.

It seems to have fixed itself somehow, so I'm marking this resolved. I connected my headphones to my iPod today, and after that tried to reconnect them to my computer; it worked after that.
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