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Help me plan a multi-generational bachelorette party in Courthouse/Clarendon (Arlington, VA)!

I have been tasked with planning the evening entertainment for my friend's bachelorette party. The day will be spent in the burbs of NoVa, and I have been asked to plan a fun bachelorette night out in Courthouse/Clarendon. Unfortunately my friend doesn't want to be involved in planning it, so I can't bounce ideas off of her. Unfortunately, I haven't gone out in NoVa in years, so I am totally out of the loop.

The idea is to start out with a reasonably quiet, calm bar for the grandmothers to enjoy with the younger ladies (mainly early 30s young moms), then progress to a more lively scene after the grandmothers head home, preferably where we can dance and have a very fun girls' night out. Doesn't need to be bachelorette-y and cheesy, but both parts should be good, quality fun. There will probably be about 10 of us. I've been to this place (Taverna Opa in South Beach) several times and it would be perfect for phase 2 (i.e. tons of silly fun for dancing and drinking).

Any ideas?! Help me! I'm really not the person for this job anymore. (Any ideas for a fun dinner option in that area too? Not too pricey or too loud.)
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What day of the week? In that part of town, it really, really matters.
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For the Phase 1, mixed-generation drinks portion of the evening, the newly-opened Northside Social (where Murky Coffee used to be, if you know the area) could be a good fit. It can be crowded, depending on the time/day, but if you're looking for this to be "earlier" in the evening, it might be just right.

For the dinner part of it, are there any specific types of food you're looking for? There are a bunch of options in the area. My favorite is Nam Viet, but it might not be quite the atmosphere you're looking for.
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As far as I know, for dancing, Clarendon Ballroom is basically your only reliable option in that area (there's also Guarapo more near Courthouse and Clarendon Grill seems to have a dance floor, but that may depend on the night).
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Response by poster: Saturday.

Phase 1 would start at 9ish. Phase 2 more like 11.

Apparently we don't need dinner (but I love Nam Viet too!)
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Boccato has some great treats and gelato for the granny-friendly portion of your evening if you want dessert instead of drinks.

Guarapo's dance floor can get a bit claustrophobic on busy nights, but I would still recommend it.
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Response by poster: We skipped NoVa and went into DC. Lots of fun ensued.
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