How do I get into Comic Con 2010?
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I would like to go to some portion of Comic Con 2010. How do I get in?

I just realized that I will be near that area during the con's dates. If this were a concert I would try to buy scalped tickets. Is there a secondary market in con passes? Is there a reader who wants to sell (rent) me a pass for a day? Apparently it is sold out. Any ideas?
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I believe it's ben sold out for months. There are a few on eBay, very expensive. Craigslist may also have some.

I am not sure if you can get away with buying someone else's pass - you might have to show ID. I would double check the rules before shelling out hundreds of $$$ on a pass.

I hope you find a way! I was wondering about this for myself, but I realized it too late. There's always next year.
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You definitely have to show photo ID with a name that matches the registration confirmation letter in person to pick up a ComicCon badge. The reg letter has a UPC code that is scanned and the name is brought up on a monitor during check in, so forging a name on the letter isn't going to fly either. Don't buy a registration letter off ebay/cl, that route is not going to work.

Sharing a badge with someone is your only hope for this year, I'm afraid, even the volunteer regs have closed. FWIW, the last few years I've seen people outside the con (usually at trolley stops) hawking their 1-day passes toward the end of the afternoon.
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I don't imagine you'd be able to get a ticket to the convention itself, but, if you're going to be in the area anyway, you might want to just pick a day to go hang out in the convention area. I've only been to Comicon 2009, but it seemed like there were a lot of off-site events (a cafe nearby mocked up to look like Eureka's restaurant, the Tron Flynn's Arcade somewhere, etc.) all of which I was too exhausted to attempt to see after a day of trudging my way through the crush of people in the hall.
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I *think* last year in the weeks leading up to the show, CCI was putting returned/canceled registrations on Ebay (with a face value 'buy-it-now' price) and announcing them on Twitter.
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There's a fairly brisk trade in badges that picks up on/around the day of the con. You do have to show an ID to pick up your badge, but once a badge has been picked up, nobody's checking names, so the things get swapped and sold quite a bit. I had a friend who sold an extra badge she had this way.

If all else fails, you should watch Craigslist the day before or day-of, and you'll probably find something.
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It's getting crazier every year. 2010 sold out ridiculously fast. You could get lucky if you knew an exhibitor and could afford the high price of extra exhibitor badges. There's a lot of "local color" to be seen outside even if you can't get it.

Me, I'd rent a car and go to Legoland.
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I *think* last year in the weeks leading up to the show, CCI was putting returned/canceled registrations on Ebay (with a face value 'buy-it-now' price) and announcing them on Twitter.

Yes, they did. Follow @comic_con on Twitter, it's very possible they will do it again.
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I haven't been for a few years, but very often people who buy the one-day passes will give them away when they leave for the day. So come later in the day, and just look for people with that day's badge and ask if you can have it.

Other options are: knowing an exhibitor, having a friend that only wants to go part of the time and splitting the badge, trying to do a late signup as a fake media outlet (and thereby not only getting in, but getting in for free), or just slipping by the guards at the door (you might get thrown out).
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You might want to see if you can volunteer.
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trying to do a late signup as a fake media outlet

This won't work; there is no same-day registration for media. All press had to pre-register by a deadline that was weeks ago.
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The volunteer registration is closed, too.
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Dress rough, like a construction worker. Find the convention center's loading docks around back. Walk into any open door, and start approaching the front, like you're supposed to be there. Eventually you'll pass through the right door, and be inside. If challenged, say "I'm with Greyhound."
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