high beams headache
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My friend's car (a 2001 nissan altima) today has a problem. The high beams will not turn off. All regular lights work, but whether the car is on or off, the high beams are on. Any suggestions?
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There's probably a separate fuse for the high-beams. You can pull it temporarily, until you get the actual problem fixed, to save your battery.

As to the actual problem, it is probably a relay somewhere under the hood that is stuck. You might be able to unstick it with some gentle tapping, or you might need to replace it. There has got to be an Altima owner's forum out there that will have details of where exactly the relay is, or you can check a service manual at an auto parts store.
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Maybe the turn signal controller/high beam switch is stuck? Try pushing it around.
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The turn signal/multifunction switch that includes the "flash to pass" high beam feature is a really common point of failure on any car. I'd pull the fuse over night to make sure that you don't kill the battery or let all of the smoke out of the wires.
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kindall has it. stuck relay is the most likely cause, and pulling the fuse will work as a temporary fix. relays are easy to replace and should cost less than $15 for the part.
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