Would you recomend "paint on screen" or "screen goo" for a projector setup?
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Have you used "paint on screen" or "screen goo" with your home theater projector?

So - I have the projector, I have the wall and it is "not bad" against the current colour - seeing as I am re-painting anyways, I was thinking I might "paint" on the screen.
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I don't have a projector, but I've seen the paint on screen used at work and in other people's homes. I've thought it looked fine to the casual observer.
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It was about five years ago (I have an actual projection screen now), but what I used was a mix specified by some serious nerds on the AV forums site. I think this link is a reasonable one, I don't remember the specifics...

In any case, it worked great. I had about an 84" screen if I recall correctly. I didn't tape it off, and it probably would have improved the picture quality, but it would have made the wall look weirder when I wasn't using the projector (i.e. most the time). In any case, it was certainly a heck of a lot cheaper than a screen. I recommend giving it a shot, you could probably just paint over it if you didn't care for it.
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I used Screen Goo on a big plank of MDF, prepared the Screen Goo instructions, and ended up with some unsightly lines of differing contrast from the roller which weren't visible until the paint had cured (and the border attached, thus rendering repainting a really annoying options). Given the cost of the Goo I wouldn't attempt it again without a paint sprayer (and requisite experience of using one).
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