1099 rate for taxonomists?
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I'm curious as to how much taxonomists earn per hour?

I'm applying for a contract taxonomy position with a content management company, and have no idea what to list as my 1099 rate. I'm fairly new to this! Thanks!
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At a consulting firm I once worked at junior taxonomists made 50-60k/year, and mid-to-senior taxonomists could expect 60-80. In a contract role, you can expect the the hourly wage to be slightly hire, but for the sourcing company to take their cut. So I'd guess that 30-40/hr. might be reasonable. But without knowing the type of company, who the clients are, city you're located in, level of work (taxonomy maintenance vs. taxonomy development) its difficult to guess with any degree of accuracy.
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I'm very curious: What is a taxonomist, in this context? What does the job consist of?
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