So I've got Google Storage. Yup. And?
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What do I do with Google Storage?

About six months back there was a deal: buy a year of google storage for 50 bucks and get an Eye-fi memory card for your camera. The best price for the card at the time was 60 so I did it. Love the card, everything is swell.

Only now I've got a bunch of google storage and I'm not sure what to do with it.

Generally the plan is, apparently, to use it with picassa. Which would make sense. But I already use mobileme for all of that.

Anyway the renewal is coming up in a few months and, unless I can think of a reason NOT to let it lapse, I probably will. So IS there a good reason to keep it? Is there something I'm not thinking about?
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I'd let it lapse. If later you decide you need to store or sync data in the cloud then sign up for Microsoft's free Live Mesh service or Amazon's inexpensive S3 service.
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I believe that if you let your Google storage lapse, then you will loose access to some of the features of your EyeFi card (geolocation, access to commercial hotspots...), though you may be able to pay EyFi directly.

Also, Google changed their storage pricing last winter, so you may be able to get a much cheaper plan and still keep your added EyeFi services.

The new consumer storage pricing is also way better than anything amazon offers, if you actually use it. If you aren't using it though, and you have another "cloud" storage option you already like, it hardly seems worth paying for another year of Google's offering.
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