Best motorcycle/scooter jacket for San Francisco?
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What's the best motorcycle/scooter jacket for daily commute riding in San Francisco?

I'm getting a scooter for daily commuting in San Francisco, and I'm looking for gear that's weather/safety appropriate. I used to have a motorcycle, and had an alpinestars jacket that was ok, but I'm looking for something that will be a good all-weather, lower speed jacket for daily commute riding. I'm also looking for a good pair of gloves and a helmet, if anybody has suggestions.
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I have this and am happy with the whole thing. Probably a nice weight for SF.
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Seconding the Corazzo, that's what I have and I love it, although it does occasionally get too hot here in Los Angeles -- in San Francisco, it should be just right.
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I have a Tourmaster Intake. It has an armored and padded mesh shell, so it's good for hot weather, and it has separate 'rain' and 'cold' liners that can be installed (either one or both at once). I wore it on a 1,000 mile road trip that used all of the configurations (and even the elbow pads at one point :c ). About the only negative thing I have to say about it is there aren't any internal pockets in the liners, only the shell.

I assume you know about New Enough?
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Go to Scuderia West. Their apparel manager Amy is a goddess of good gear that fits well. I am ATGATT, and everything but my pants came from Scuderia. They carry great brands, and are willing to spend hours helping you find the right gear. I must have tried on 2 dozen pairs of gloves, and the first ones she handed me were the eventual winner.

I commute daily in my Rev'it Pearl jacket, and it's top notch. Waterproof, warm with the liner, and I rode in 90- 100 degree temperatures the past few days and didn't suffer too badly. If you're a dude, there's likely a dudely equivalent.
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After you ride for awhile you'll probably get a few different jackets - mesh ones for those hot days, something with a liner that you can zip in or out, and waterproof pants for rainy days. (I got inexpensive (mostly) waterproof nylon pants at REI.) I also recommend Scuderia for gear - they have a great selection and good sales. For helmets you have to find something that fits. All the helmets seem to made for different head shapes - for some reason the expensive ones don't fit me at all - so you have to try them on. For gloves look for good leather ones - again, try them on and see what's comfortable.
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