What to-do list app am I looking for?
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What to-do list app am I looking for?

I need a to-do list app for my Iphone, but I want it to have a specific way of scheduling tasks. Since I can't bring my phone into work with me, my primary to-do list is on paper. What I want the app on my phone to do, however, is help me keep track of recurring tasks.

Specifically: I want to be able to schedule a task to recur every month--but I don't want the next instance to be scheduled until I've completed the previous instance. For example, if the task is to bathe the dog monthly, but I don't get around to it until 2 weeks after it shows up on the task list, I want it to show up a month later, not 2 weeks later. Also, if there's a way to force the task to only show up on a weekend (I.e. schedule a month out, on the first following weekend), that would be even better.
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rememberthemilk does this (although not the weekend part).
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Sciral Consistency?
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I used to use Thinking Rock on a desktop PC, which let you set up recurrence rules like that; for a while I had a task set to a rule along the lines of "recur on the second tuesday after I tick Done". It's a very powerful list manager that lets you have sublists, recurrence, dependencies etc. but makes all of those features easy to ignore, too.

I haven't used their iPhone app, but hopefully it has the same functionality.
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Toodledo will allow you to set a task to repeat based on completion date, so you can set it to repeat a month later. You could also set it to repeat on the next Saturday after completion, but not 4 Saturdays alter, unfortunately.

It also has an option to print out a booklet with your task list on it.
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I second the recommendation of Toodledo. It's very full featured.
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Ok, I'm going to try out Toodledo first. RemembertheMilk for Iphone requires a pro account at $25/year, and Thinking Rock looks...complicated. Very. I really like the look of Sciral Consistency, but really I only want to see the things I need to do right then, not the things coming up in a month. So Toodledo wins this round...although I'm bookmarking Sciral Consistency.
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