Looking for a better key ring
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I'm looking for something better than the standard round wire to hold my (very few) keys and loyalty tags.

I find the standard ring difficult to use, specifically to get keys on and off. I used to have a spring-loaded oval ring with a solid centerpiece (an MSDN gimme). To open it, you pulled the end out of the centerpiece and twisted it sideways 90 degrees, which held the "ring" open while you added or removed keys or tags. This was much easier to use with limited hand strength. The spring on the old key ring died a few months ago; I've been looking unsuccessfully for something similar since then. I've looked at round-ball keychains and they're no better than wire rings.

Most of my loyalty tags are in Cardstar on my iPhone. I normally carry four keys (house, mailbox, and keys to parents' house and in-laws). My car key is on a separate fob with its electronic lock. My husband has a VW Beetle and they key won't hang on a standard ring. I don't need to add either car key to my ring.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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I have each key on a separate ring, some of which have light-weight tags or ribbons on them to differentiate/wear around my neck. All the rings are on a not-for-climbing carabiner. I open it all the time to take off my car keys or my house keys separately for jogging.
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I think the search phrase "pull twist keyring" is what you're looking for. Mostly I found links for promotional use, so if you want 300 of them (MeFi fundraiser perhaps?) you can search on that. This link has a single keychain if you're into the Seahawks...
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My favorite keyring I've ever owned is a machined aluminum ring that I pulled out of the spindle of a dead hard drive. Because it's a solid ring nothing gets snagged on it (I have a single traditional keyring holding the keys to it) and it's very light. Makes for a great center to my three keys.
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Thank you, mrsshotglass! That's exactly what I needed to know. I foresee a nice keyring in my future. Your search term led me to the MOMA store, which has a Frank Lloyd Wright keychain that's right up my alley.
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I use this wire key ring thingy, and I have bought one for everyone in my family.

The smallest you can buy from these guys is 6", but they're the only supplier I've found. I only have 4 keys on mine, and it works fine even with so few keys on it.

It is awesome!!!
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I use a binder ring -- very easy to open (and it does stay closed through the usual key ring abuses).
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I have the same metal cord ring as wwartorff, except I got it at Muji for about a dollar. It is an excellent keyring.
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Have you considered a key fold?
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I've always wanted a ring like this.
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Here is another supplier for a (perhaps heftier) wire ring that wwartoff mentioned. I use this and think it is pretty great.
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