Help: where to watch the NBA finals; we don't have TV!
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Where is a good place to watch the NBA finals in the Berkeley/Oakland area for unlikely sports fans?

My lady and I have been together for six months and discovered that although we're not rabid fans, we're both somewhat interested in basketball, and it just so happens the teams* we grew up rooting for are playing in the finals this time around. However, since we're hippies in Berkeley neither of us has a television and none of our very very very intellectual friends has television either.

So, it looks like it's a sports bar for us. We're not really sports bar kind of folk so we dont' know what's good and what's insane...we'd probably prefer something lower key and are also worried that the NBA game will be trumped by the world cup.

Ideally we'd find something biking distance from Berkeley, but we're pretty adventurous on bicycles, so anything from Alameda to El Cerrito is in our range.

*I'm from southern California and she's from New England, so one of us is going to go home upset regardless. I recognize watching the NBA finals together may be a poor plan relationship-wise, but at least it will be in a public place with witnesses.
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The Triple Rock on Shattuck gets good and rowdy, but it's a really great place to watch sports.

La Val's on Euclid is fun, too.
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Best answer: Pyramid Ale House ?
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If you don't want to go to a sports bar, you can always watch it online at:

That site shows all the different sporting events. It's pretty cool.
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No idea. But thanks to time zones the World Cup takes place entirely between about 4 AM and 1 PM your time, so I don't think you need to worry about it.
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Brennan's on 4th street and University
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