What's the best portable office supply case that will fit in a backpack?
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I need help finding a good portable office supply case.

I frequently work outside my home office and need access to a mini-stapler, tape, paper and binder blips, etc. I've been using a few of these Really Useful Boxes found cheaply at Staples to carry the stuff separately but the problem with using multiple boxes is that when you throw them in a backpack, they bunch up together at the bottom and you're constantly having to adjust them for comfort.

What I really want is a full featured divided box that can easily fit into a backpack. The dimensions should be roughly 8"x10"x2", though the depth is the most critical to avoid an overly bulky uncomfortable feeling. I've looked at Amazon, Staples, etc. and even considered this box from the company listed above but the depth is too large (I mocked one up in cardboard). Any suggestions?
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Adjustable parts box. Try the Container Store or Fry's if you have one.
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How about a roll up organizer of some kind?
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Go to a craft or needlework store and get one of the boxes like this. Some of them have adjustable dividers inside which would be best for your use.
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Best answer: I have one of these. You can kind of see in the transluscent ones that it has a few little boxes at the bottom for binders/clips but it's also about an inch deep. Depending on your stapler, that might fit. It can hold a few notebooks and has a clip on the front to hold more pages. I use it every year to organize my taxes (paperclips, highlighter, calculator). Great for working on the couch or anywhere. Might work for you -- not so beefy as to be a bear but not so small that it gets lost in your bag. It's about 2 inches longer than a letter sheet. Anyway, looks like there are a number of similar products on that page.
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Response by poster: The clipboard storage idea works the best for me. It holds my entire mobile office. Picked one up from Staples for $14 and it fits in my backpack snugly.
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