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Are there bugs in Penn and Teller's Vegas act?

We'd like to see the Penn and Teller show in Las Vegas, but my husband thinks their show may include a trick or gag that involves insects. I am seriously phobic about bugs, so that would be a deal breaker. Does anyone know if I could see the show bug free?
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Penn and Teller are both on Twitter, and if you are lucky they may answer you directly.
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I saw it about 2 weeks ago. Lots of fun. Highly recommended. 100% bug free. No bugs. None.
posted by langedon at 8:22 PM on June 14, 2010

The version of their act I saw in Vegas did not involve insects.
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I doubt they will revive the bee routine in Vegas, read up on it for the prep to do it on SNL years ago.
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I actually know him, so I just sent him an email to ask him. He says:

"never have in the live show -- too small."

From the man himself. Looks like you're good to go!
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the man being Penn, in this case (should have clarified)
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Wow! Thanks FlyByDay and everyone!
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Enjoy the show. It's always changing, but always amazing.
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Just so you know, before the show officially starts, there's a thing that is happening on the stage, and they make it very clear what's happening, and invite you to participate, and to be aware that it is happening. Be sure to go up and participate.
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Mrs. Intermod and I saw their show in Vegas this past April. She brought a copy of Teller's Neuropsychology paper for him to sign.

No insect in the show, but there was one strategic fish.
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