Wincross is awesome but expensive--are there cheaper packages that do the same thing?
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Freelancer needs software with crosstab and table generation similar to Wincross, without the crazy licensing cost.

I'm a social psychologist who occasionally does freelance work designing and analyzing market research surveys. In my last full-time market research job, we used a combination of SPSS and Wincross for our survey analysis. I have a copy of SPSS, but I really fell in love with the table customization available in Wincross. It takes data in SPSS or Excel files, and with some extra magic provided by entering in the survey questions and desired options, outputs tables in a simple text file that can be pasted into Word and easily made into a pdf for clients. The customization options are the real draw of Wincross; SPSS can make tables with the same data but in Wincross it's easy to display only what I need in the columns or arrange the rows just how I want them. Here's an example of a table output in Wincross. I also really like being able to customize the specific significance tests I want to run, which is not as easy to do in SPSS.

I have downloaded the evaluation version onto a couple of machines for specific jobs, but they've long expired and I don't know if there is a crack available.

I am familiar with Desktop Reporter (now Reports for Surveys) in SPSS, and I'd settle for a link to a free and legit download for it. It's OK, but can be problematic for certain types of questions, such as agreement grids where I want to combine "strongly agree" and "agree" options to get a "net agreement" table for multiple items. Also, I found it to have a rather clunky UI and the output is not as nice as Wincross.

Bottom line: Wincross is exactly what I need, but it's $2500 for a single-user license, which is far more than I can afford right now. There's a free shareware download available, but it's a very old version (2.5) that I don't think will meet my needs. I found this link to a more recent version to download, but I'm worried that it's laden with viruses and not safe.

I'm using Windows 7, SPSS version 18 and Excel 2007, if that makes any difference. Thanks for your help!
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