Captain Robo Gold Armor 80s Man
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HelpMeThinkOfThisMovie/TVShowFilter: back in the mid-80s I used to rent these VHS kids movies about a sci future where this special group of soldiers (or something) wore their own individual Robo-Cop-Like Suits. It was NOT animated. The main character wore gold armor suit and I think had a Cyclops-like visor. I want to say the word "Captain" was in the title...

Since it was the 80s it was probably designed to sell toys.

I have no idea if it was good or not, because I was a kid.

I have no idea if they were real movies, direct to video, tv movies or a tv show. I just know I used to rent and like them.

I've been scouring the internets all week and have no Idea.
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Best answer: Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future.
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Response by poster: FANTASTIC. Thank you.

... wow this looks awful now.
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Of course, the major gimmick of Captain Power was that it had toys you could shoot at the show!
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Response by poster: Holy crud. I remember wanting that now. Even saying I'd pay for it on my own and my mom saying no. Even promising that "it would be the biggest waste of money ever" She was right.

... Thanks mom!
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I too wanted the Captain Power gun but was vetoed by mom. Unlike the OP, my bitterness is unassuaged by hindsight.

... Thanks mom!
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The year is 2147...
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"The TV show fires back!"

Of course you wanted one! I don't know whose mother was right, but I do know I want to know how well that thing worked!
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I had one of the space ships. It actually worked pretty well! I just remember that I practiced at the end of EVERY episode (it was on every weekday for awhile) and started to get antsy that I could hit every target pretty quickly. I never did get too good at video games though.
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Even promising that "it would be the biggest waste of money ever" She was right.

Yeah, but mom probably said the same thing about Soundwave.

You may have already stumbled on to some of the complete episodes that are online. Looks cheesy, but it's admirable that they wanted to give a more mature tone to the series. And it was a fun throwback to the old-time kiddie radio/TV shows.

Just to add to the toy jet... There was a line of videotapes which had extended animated segments to play along with. Can't remember exactly, but I'm guessing they worked better than the actual shows.
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